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What a year 2020 was. What started off for Prefab Steel Kits as a year that was meant to break records, quickly turned into a year of corporate perseverance and corporates responsibility. Our main objective turned from bottom lines to customers and our employees well being both financially and health wise.

We had to shut down many of our factories across the country, many projects were impacted. Our customers helped us see this through with patience and understanding. We all pulled together to make this happen and to make 2020 as bearable as possible. As of 2 weeks ago we delivered our final order from 2020.

Covid-19 impacted us as a company, a community and a country. The impact of covid-19 is immeasurable and we are still in the midst of the pandemic. With renewed optimism we look forward to 2021. We look forward to having our entire staff back at work to serve the many thousands of clients we have the privilege’s to impact through our work.

In order to move materials on hand we are clearing out thousands of dollar worth of inventory. We need to move the material so everything is on clearance. Call us at 1-833-566-5763 so we can tell you what is available and the price. We will not be undersold by anyone. The reason we are doing this is not because we need to sell at a discount, but because it is the right thing to do for our workers. The more material we have in production, the more people we can keep working. As of today all employees are back at work, lets keep them busy, call us today to get your price.

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  1. I am interested in a combo home/garage building, or separated prefab steel home and garage. My information is attached – thank you

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