Metal Building Types

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Our Steel Buildings are an excellent choice for the home of your dreams. Not only are they much sturdier and stronger than a wooden home but they will last much longer. A Velsar Steel Building is a smart investment that can be passed down from generation to generation.

RV Storage

Steel RV Storage

Steel RV Storage Buildings are an excellent choice to protect your Recreational Vehicle. With an unlimited amount of combination of openings to suit your specific needs. You can have a building that not only looks great but lasts a lifetime as well.


Auto Repair Shops

Auto Repair Shops require large open spaces and high ceilings for heavy machinery and automobiles, that makes a Prefab Steel Building a great fit for your business. Clear span buildings have no obstructions like support columns or beams to get in the way, immediately making your business more efficient.

Boat Storage Marinas

Boatyards, Marine Centers

A Prefab Steel Building is the ideal solution for a Boat Storage Marina. One big reason is due to the Clear Span Framing feature. Clear Span framing means buildings not only have high ceilings but also lack support columns throughout the structure, which equals zero obstructions. The steel can be coated with zinc to galvanize it and make it extremely resistant to environmental elements of all kinds, like water and salt.



Prefab Steel Buildings is the industry leader when it comes to Agricultural Steel Buildings. We have been designing steel structures for over 15 years, from seed storage facilities to animal shelters and heavy equipment storage we are the most experienced steel building company.


Airplane Shelter, Plane Repair Shed

In order to build an Airplane Hangar it is crucial to have no obstructions, which is why a Prefab Steel Building is perfectly suited for Aviators or Airports who need a structure to store their planes. From small single plane hangars to the biggest airports, Prefab Steel is the company you can trust.


Riding Hall, Indoor Arena

Prefab Steel Buildings is a market leader when it comes to Equestrian Steel Buildings. Protect your investments with the best shelter possible, a Red Steel, I-Beam Steel Riding Arena is what you and your horses deserve.


Warehouses, Distribution Centers

Industrial buildings can be configured to meet the needs of your business, for example windows, doors and bay openings can be placed wherever you choose. A Prefab Steel Building won’t fuel a fire such as a wooden structure and doesn’t crack or take time to cure like a concrete building, and with virtually zero maintenance, going steel with your industrial building is a no-brainer.

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