Residential Steel Barns

What is the deal with residential steel barns? Seems like everyone is in the market for one. You can find steel building enthusiast online and they are everywhere. From to Facebook groups to online blogs. People are going BARNDOMINIUM crazy. So lets dive into this and let me give you my pros of building and living in a steel building.

PROS of Living in A Steel Building

Well for starter its super cool! No but seriously what are some of the pros of living in a steel building? I am going to give you my top 3.

  1. They are super affordable to buy and they are super affordable to finish. My advice to keeping it super affordable is to be your own General Contractor. You don’t need to be an expert to pick up the phone and get the best rates for plumbing, electrical, concrete, dry wall etc.. Its your money, its easier for someone else that didn’t work for it to spend it. You will be more careful with your money so nobody is better qualified to get quotes than you are! Another piece of advice is, go to the manufacturer for your building. Lucky for you, that is what we are so you are going to get the best price here for your red iron I-beam building. And my last advice on keeping it affordable is, have patience, take care of the most important things first.
  2. Safety. Yes this should also be in your top 3 as well. A steel building is safe and its designed to go to places like Florida and withstand wind loads of upwards of 180 MPH, and its also design to go to Canada and withstand snow loads of upwards of 120 pounds per square foot on your roof. Yes 120 PSF of snow in some places in Canada and some places in Idaho believe it or not. And again lucky for you, all of our buildings come with engineered drawings and we stamp and seal them, and that is your warranty that the building is meeting and exceeding all your local and county design codes.
  3. Last “pro” as to why choose steel is of course Customization. It is amazing what you can do with a steel building and the many shapes you can get out of them. Porches, patios garages, overhangs, soffits, second floors, balcony, i mean the list goes on and on. the main reason why this is my number 3 , is simply because if you add an “expandable” end wall to your building, you will have the ability to expand its size at a later time.

Below are some pictures of homes so you can see how cool they are. If you have any comments or want some prices please do not hesitate to contact me.

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